Tutie UI/UX [Mobile Tutor Matching]

The PurposeTutie is an app for people to find tutors & tutees for the subject they need. Tutors can make an extra income through this app by teaching their profession. Because people will be meeting someone they have not meet before, app wants to create safe & friendly vibe that can be trusted.
Target AudiencePeople in 20s as primary and anyone who are willing to learn and improve their knowledge & skills.
Tool UsedFigma
Duration12+ hours


  • Do young people want to learn or improve their knowledge & skills?
  • Do people want to make extra income by tutoring with their skills?
  • Do people feel comfortable finding a tutor for their study?

Assumption from Research

  • From the survey results, young people are interested learning a new skill.
  • People who are serious with their career and who are in entry or mid level on their field, they are willing to improve their skills via their field professionals for their next step.
  • People wants to learn knew skills as they want a new experience as a hobby.
  • Many were not thinking of actively looking for a tutor to learn new skills, but they get interested when they happened to find about an interesting classes.